Internship Program

The first thing you should know about coltfox is that we love interns and we are always looking for new people to shake up the office dynamics. Maybe you’re a design genius or maybe your know a thing or two about marketing? Whatever you are we’d probably like to have you around the office. But before you get too excited, we’ve got some things to go over with you:

1) We don’t pay. We know everyone wants to make some extra cash, but this is a training program not a job. You’ll get valuable skills and learn about the inner workings of agency life that extend into multiple areas like branding, marketing, art design and project management.

2) Our program usually lasts about 3 months with the possibility to extend, depending on the reason.

3) We cannot offer sponsorship. We get a lot of applications from many talented people overseas, but the sponsorship process is long, arduous and expensive.

What element can you add to our office? Drop us a line with “Internship Program” in the title, along with your resume, portfolio or any other relevant piece of information that showcases your abilities.

Let’s do this, people.

Ready To Apply?