Value proposition, Customer Centric UX, Branding, Commercial & Growth Strategy

We were able to demonstrate that we fully understood Ikarus, value proposition and objectives for the project within the first chemistry meeting.

Ikarus had outlined their KPIs for the project. They wanted to improve their website in order to unify their brand presence across all channels, improve online conversion rates from users to prospects, increase the number and quality of design visit walk-ins and improve the quality of data capture, data management and customer insight to be able to deliver a personalised experience.

Prior to our initial chemistry meeting, we conducted our own research to better understand the motivation behind the KPIs. We worked hard to understand the challenges and frustrations Ikarus customers face when using their website. The resulting research was invaluable to the success of the final project outcomes rebranding their identity to enhance better.





Design Research, Brand Re-positioning, Brand Mark, Banners, , App Design, Pack Designs, Key Visuals.


Improve conversion rate from users to prospects, increase number and quality of appointments - delivering a better ROI on marketing spend.

Improve the level of qualification for prospects and create a more personalised experience.

Improve data capture, management, customer insight and personalised marketing. Improve the Ikarus pre and post design visit experience.

Unify the Ikarus brand experience across all customer-facing channels.


As an agency who strives to Humanise Digital Experience, we always consider the whole customer journey, beyond digital touchpoints. In reality, the website is only a small part of the customer experience. To fully understand the customer, we needed to consider discovery, product awareness, decision fatigue, sales pressure defence, and social reassurance.

The result is a new experience that brings Ikarus online presence in line with their offline and above the line experience while being empathetic to a potential customer’s state of mind while browsing. The new site includes more self-serve education and in-depth information about the process, answering common questions to help close the gap to conversion.

In order to reduce any anxiety before conversion, we helped to articulate the sales, rebranding design and installation process so the customer would know exactly what to expect at each stage.

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