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Media can add real business value. Accelerate growth. Deliver bottom line results. 

To achieve this, brands need a media agency that is willing to push further. Be bolder. Ready to dig deep into business goals and create innovative solutions to achieve these challenges.

We bring idea-driven solutions that transform media from a numbers game to a game changer. From analytics to answers. Never static, never still, where the only thing to keep pace with the growth of our inventiveness is the growth of our clients’ success. 

This is Met Life. Accelerating business growth through media communication. This is our passion, our commitment to our clients and how we attract, train and retain our people. Brochure deep concept was to attract customers and clients towards it real business means.

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Branding, Brochure Design, Banners, Website Designing, Key Visuals.


  • We are aligned behind one goal, to 'Innovate the way brands are built' set up to embrace the potential of disruption with data as our currency.
  • Pulling on the MET LIFE Network’s global network and specialist brands we’re able to seamlessly service our clients through the network’s connected capabilities but with one single point of contact.
  • Met Life network’s single R&D removes any barriers to collaboration, enabling Met Life to offer the most effective marketing solutions that are based on real people and drive brand growth.


In order to bring the concept of the New Gentleman to life, we developed a concept driven brochure to attract customers and clients at one place to grab more information about the services and products, Met Life offers. With a limited media budget, MINI needed to outsmart big spending competition like Toyota, Jaguar and Ford

As the most effective medium, i.e. niche channels that provide specific programmes to specific targets, we developed a range of branded content for the ‘new gentleman’ through a collaboration with local powerhouse CJ E&M. This was distributed exclusively through both their digital and offline CATV. By being highly targeted and frequent we managed to be very efficient. We managed to drive sales while reducing CPRP significantly.

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