Dear Valued Clients and Partners – 

As many of you may have already observed, Livepedia India Private Limited has recently re-branded. Today, "COLTFOX PRIVATE LIMITED", better reflects who we are as a creative marketing agency. While our closest clients and supply partners know that our company is filled with creative professionals who focus on design, content, digital marketing, effective marketing strategies, client branding amongst a plethora of other services, we are now also launching App design & Development along with a brand new name. Through an exhaustive 11-month effort that included everything from industry and competitive analyses to marketing plan, along with extensive surveying (of which many of you reading were likely a part of) and several other exercises designed to capture the ‘voice of the client', COLTFOX was born.  Throughout the process, many questions were posed, not only our internal team but our clients and supply partners as well. Below are just a couple bullet points to address a few of those inquiries:

Why rebrand your company?  Why now?  

About a year ago, our leadership team sat together to simply discuss how to continue to support evolving client expectations. The emergence of corporate giants, like Amazon, has changed the notion of what, ‘providing exceptional service to clients', truly means.  Our plan started simply enough with wanting to ask our valued clients and prospects what they wanted out of their creative agency.  From there, it evolved into a larger-scale examination into our company, our industry, our competitors, and our economy, all in order to effectively support, and communicate our capabilities to our client's evolving needs.  We were excited to know that we already had provided, or had the competency to provide, what the large majority of our patrons wanted.  We just needed to effectively communicate that better to our partners and prospects, which would be our prime point of focus now.

Isn't COLTFOX just another marketing agency like the many others?

No. In fact, we identify ourselves as a 360-degree creative marketing agency that provides website designing, branding design, packaging design, content writing, digital marketing, search marketing, mobile application design & development all under one umbrella. We have created a benchmark in the industry, where clients can operate their business needs all together in one place without having to go to different agencies and companies for their various requirements. Our primary focus is supporting our clients’ and supply partners’ key performance measures and company objectives.  COLTFOX is equipped to support these objectives to give you a smooth ride through marketing efforts, strategic throughput, client branding, the launch of new products/services, increase utilization and brand visibility, conversion of silent audiences into customers, or any number of other metrics and/or objectives required in online marketing.  In fact, our new website is filled with information and a detailed newsletter that speak directly of our expertise in these areas.  See for yourself. Explore our website and see what we're really all about.

Many digital agencies claim that they are able to support their client and meet their digital marketing objectives, but lack in the system to actually do it. How do we at COLTFOX differ?  

Great question!  While our clients mostly only see our fleet drivers delivering to their facilities, they don't regularly see the talent behind the scenes that is at the core of our agency’s efforts.   While they are technically classified as creative designers, web developers, writers, marketing professionals and more, what they really are, is a team of highly driven and dedicated folks, who are constantly looking to upscale, innovate and surprise.

I want to close by thanking all of our partners, clients and suppliers, for their continued support and belief in our system.  Without all of you, COLTFOX PRIVATE LIMITED would not be recognized as one of the most trusted agencies in the region.  We look forward to working together with you all, side-by-side, to help you reach your online marketing objectives.  I welcome any input and/or feedback you may have regarding our agency.  Please feel free to drop me an email at azrael@coltfox.com 

Azrael Zohar


Coltfox Pvt Ltd